ADHD Testing

ADHD Testing Options for Adults: What To Know

Adults can take advantage of various online resources when it comes to testing for ADHD. From assessment scales to neuropsychological tests, this guide will cover a comprehensive range of testing methods and what exactly to expect when undertaking the process.

Speak With a Mental Health Professional.
An important part of the testing process for ADHD is consulting with a medical professional. A mental health professional, like Caliper Wellness provides, will be able to accurately evaluate symptoms and provide tailored advice on the best course of action. We’ll also be able to make informed decisions about what type of tests are most suitable for each individual situation.

Learn About the Different Types of Tests Available.
There are various types of tests that can be used to diagnose ADHD in adults. Some commonly used tests include neuropsychological testing, psychological questionnaires, performance assessments, physiological measures, and neuroimaging techniques. Different tests will evaluate different aspects of a patient’s condition, in order to accurately pinpoint the root cause of their symptoms. We will discuss the options with you decide which test is best for you.

Get Diagnosed Through a Medical Professionals.
The best way to diagnose ADHD in adults is through a medical professional. Seeing a health care professional at Caliper for an initial assessment is the first step in identifying ADHD as the source of your struggles. After discussing your daily life, work habits, and other related symptoms, we will be able to tell you whether or not further testing is necessary.

Receive Treatment Recommendations From a Specialist.
After the testing is complete, we will discuss treatment options with the specialist. Depending on the type of ADHD you have, we may recommend a combination of medication and counseling. Additionally, since adult-onset ADHD can affect your personal relationships, it is important to discuss strategies for communicating with loved ones who may not be aware of your diagnosis. This will help you manage symptoms in a positive way so that everyone can reach their goals more efficiently.

Caliper Wellness offers ADHD testing and treatment via telemedicine and in-person in Hudson, Florida.

We can provide online ADHD testing in Florida, New York, and Connecticut.