Integrating Physical and Mental Health Care

Personalized healthcare, Counseling and Therapeutics.

Every person is unique. Addressing both mental and physical health issues shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach.

Healing the Mind and Body

We know that mental health is often impacted by brain chemistry including hormonal deficiencies like low testosterone and estrogen.  We don't simply treat symptoms, but help uncover the root cause and offer healthcare solutions that address mental and physical issues.

Who We Help

We treat both men and women and non-binary individuals, pinpointing what is happening both physically and mentally. From low-testosterone and other hormonal changes to thyroid issues,  we help you feel like you again.


Our approach looks at what is happening in your body and how it impacts your mind. We treat patients by addressing mental health concerns including hormonal imbalances, weight management, drug addiction, and ADHD. 

Patient Education

Check out our videos and follow us on social media as we discuss symptoms of low-testosterone, causes of weight gain, and remedies for anxiety and depression that are often ignored by traditional healthcare providers. 

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Your Health, What's Really Going On?

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or decreased sex-drive? Did you know many times, these symptoms are created by a hormonal or chemical imbalance?  Learn more about the connection between mental and physical health in our ongoing article series.

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Acne and its Affect on Mental Health

May 23, 2023

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