Get Online Help from an Experienced Urgent Care Telemedicine Doctor in Florida

Need medical help without the wait? With our Urgent Care Telemedicine service, you can connect with a board-certified family nurse practitioner in Florida from the comfort of your own home. Get access to quality health advice any time of day or night, without having to step foot into a hospital.

Receive Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Plans from Your Phone or Computer.

Whether you are at work or home, our telemedicine urgent care service makes it easy for you to get quality medical advice from a nurse practitioner in Florida.  During the call, we will diagnose your symptoms and recommend treatment plans that can be started immediately. No more waiting in long hospital lines or having to take time off work. Get knowledgeable and experienced health care help right away with our convenient and reliable service.

Get Quick and Affordable Care for Non-Emergency Illnesses and Conditions.

With our urgent care telemedicine service in Florida, you can get quick and affordable care for non-emergency illnesses and conditions such as colds, flus, fever and more. Our experienced doctors will be able to provide detailed advice over the phone on how to best manage your symptoms and what medication may be needed. If deemed necessary, they can also arrange follow-up visits or additional testing if required. Get medical assistance when you need it with our convenient and reliable service.

Video Call with a Professional Doctor.

Our urgent care telemedicine service puts you in touch with a health care professional based in Florida, who can diagnose and provide solutions to your health concerns within minutes. With our secure video call feature, you can communicate directly with a qualified NP anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to deal with long waits and hours of travel when you’re not feeling well; get the online help you require right away.

Schedule an Appointment Online.

Our telemedicine service is here to help you access quality medical care whenever you need it. Booking an appointment is simple and easy. Get the expert medical advice you require without having to wait for hours at a hospital or clinic.