What is Telehealth and How Does it Work?

Telehealth is a modern way of accessing medical care. It uses technology to connect health care providers and patients virtually instead of in person. Telehealth services may be provided through a video call, phone call, or other digital application such as email or text messaging. At this time, Caliper uses Zoom to connect with our patients who live in Maryland. Since Zoom gained popularity over the last few years, we find it adds to the convenience for patients, making it easier to access quality health care from anywhere.

Benefits of Telehealth for Patients in Maryland

Telehealth with Caliper Wellness offers multiple advantages for residents in Maryland who want to access quality health care. It is more convenient since you don’t have to travel to a provider’s office and wait in line, and it provides increased privacy since you can access the service from your own home or another private location. Additionally, Telehealth services are often lower cost than in-person visits and may be covered by insurance plans. Finally, Caliper offers a variety of services available such as virtual medical visits, mental health therapy, and urgent care.

Care from Home When You Are Sick

Telehealth services are a great option for anyone who wants to access quality health care from the comfort of their own home or for Maryland residents who may be traveling. It is especially beneficial for people with mobility issues, those in rural locations, and older adults. Telehealth also allows individuals who may feel embarrassed or anxious about visiting a healthcare provider in person to access mental health services without having to leave their homes. Additionally, Caliper Wellness has telehealth options on evenings and weekends, making them convenient for those with busy schedules.

Common Concerns About Telehealth

Although primary care telemedicine can offer tremendous benefits, there are some common concerns related to privacy and ensuring patient safety. As with any medical service, we ensure that our telemedicine services are held to the same standards for quality care and patient safety as in-person visits. To ensure the best possible care, we adhere to HIPAA guidelines, use secure video technology, and execute proper protocols with our patients. Additionally, we are properly credentialed and only provide services in the states where we are approved.  Currently, we offer telehealth in Florida and New York with additional states being added shortly.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Virtual Appointments with Caliper Wellness

To ensure you get the most out of your virtual visit, it's important to prepare ahead of time. First, make sure you know what type of appointment it is, including any pre-visit instructions (such as completing specific paperwork).  Don't worry, we will send you the forms you need and have made it easy for you to complete the paperwork. If necessary, gather any relevant documents such as past lab results and a list of medications you are currently taking. Additionally, take some time to make a comprehensive list of questions and symptoms you would like to discuss with your Caliper Health Care provider. Finally, create a comfortable workspace separate from distractions that you can use for your virtual appointment. This will help make the experience more successful for both you and your provider.