Bariatric Assessment Therapy Letter

Bariatric Psychological Evaluations

What is A bariatric psychological evaluation?

A bariatric psychological evaluation?is a component of the overall evaluation process for weight loss surgery. The evaluation is typically conducted by a licensed mental health professional, such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and is designed to assess the patient’s emotional and psychological readiness for surgery, as well as to identify any potential issues that may affect the success of the surgery.

The evaluation typically includes a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s mental health history, including any previous treatment for emotional or behavioral issues, such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. The evaluation also includes a review of the patient’s current psychological functioning, including their motivation for surgery, their ability to adhere to the necessary lifestyle changes required before and after surgery, and their readiness to participate in the required follow-up care.

It is also to assess the patient’s understanding of the risks and benefits of surgery, as well as their expectations for the outcome of surgery. Based on the results of the evaluation, the psychologist or psychiatrist may make recommendations to the patient and the surgical team regarding the patient’s suitability for surgery.

It is important to note that a psychological evaluation is not a one-time assessment, and many bariatric centers require patients to continue to receive support and counseling after surgery to help them maintain their weight loss and address any related psychological issues.

Caliper Wellness treats patients for a variety of weight loss conditions. If you are considering bariatric surgery, we can assist you throughout the process to determine if it is the right solution for you and can provide documentation to your surgeon if we find that you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure.